Basic Internet Marketing Tools

Hi all (especially internet marketer),

There are something to share, to get more traffics to your links and save the cost for your advertisement. There are 3 basic internet marketing tools those have been combined as a formula for internet marketing. It is simple and easy to operate. I’m sure as an internet marketer, you might need this:

1) LinkTrackr

– This is LinkTrackr software which is to drive more traffics to our links. This software is actually a

viral bar which is to cloak to our links. It is content tweet button, fb share button, fb like button,

google buzz button and stumble upon button. Coming soon, more feature will be added. Earn side

income by affiliate program.

2) Message Broadcaster

– This is twitter marketing operating system which is acted as our robot. This system will do our

marketing job on twitter by tweet our message and link automatically everyday. Earn side

income by affiliate program.


– This is social networking site as such as facebook. The difference is this site is mostly compatible

for internet marketer. This site is quite important for new internet marketer because we can meet

more professional people, experienced internet marketer, promote our business and build our

network. All people here are very sporting and supportive. They will share everything with us. So we

could learn a lot of thing about internet marketing. Earn side income by affiliate program.

Let’s try it out…good luck!

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